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2015 JOHN DEERE S660 for sale $360,000

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Title 2015 JOHN DEERE S660
Price AUD $360,000
Listing Type Used
Stock Number 156192
Refcode TA833004
Separation Type Rotor
Grain Tank Capacity - litres 0
Usage Hours 1418.00

John Deere S660 with 640D Draper Front.
2015 Model.
1418 Engine Hrs.
915 Rotor Hrs.
Tier 2 Engine.
John Deere 640D Draper Front. (Trailer available separately)
Dual gauge wheels.
Pickup reel.
New draper mats.
New centre drum finger guides and caps.
Contour Master Feeder House.
Tristream Rotor.
Small wire concaves.
7" Touch Display on armrest.
3 speed manual shift transmission.
AutoTrac Ready (Requires display, receiver & Activation)
800/70R 38 Front tyres @ 80%
600/70R 28 Rear tyres @ 80%
Straw spreaders.
Very neat and tidy One owner machine in excellent condition. (Field Ready)
Finance available at very competitive rates.
Contact Mat Short on 0429477952 for further information.

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Chesterfield - Dubbo
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Unprecedented Performance & Capacity with the John Deere S690 coupled with the John Deere 640FD Flex Draper. 2014 Model. 1335 Engine hours. 1050 Separator Hours. Tier 2 Engine with Isochronous Governor for constant engine speed under load resulting in constant shoe speed for high performance, efficiency and fuel savings. Pro-Drive transmission for automatic speed range shifts on the go. Premium cab with cooler fridge. 800/65R 38 Front tyres @ 90% 750/65R 26 Rear tyres @ 70% AutoTrac Ready with 2630 display on armrest. (Requires activation and receiver) Contour Master feeder house. 14,100 Litre power folding grain tank. Straw Chopper with power cast tail board. Fitted with John Deere 640FD Flex Draper for exceptional performance in peas, beans, low lying crops and in rigid mode for all cereals and legumes. Comes with the top crop conveying auger for consistently even feeding. Brand new Stump Jump trailer with road lights and spare tyre. Well maintained One owner machine, suit first large scale buyer or contractor. Please call Mat Short on 0429477952 for further information.

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Chesterfield - Dubbo
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John Deere 9770 combine with 640D Draper front. 2009 Model. 3585 Eng hrs. 2454 Sep hrs. AutoTrac Ready (Display and Receiver not included) Premier cab with additional lights and UHF. Hydro with 3 speed manual shift transmission. Level land fixed speed feeder house. Small wire concaves. General purpose chaffer. Straw spreaders. High rate unloading auger with extension. 800/70R 38 front tyres (brand new, swapped with duals) 600/65R 28 rear tyres @ 70% Comes with 640D 40ft rigid draper with finger reel and top crop auger. NO Trailer (New trailers available separately) One owner machine, Farm use only NO contracting. Machine going through workshop for minor preseason repairs. Get in early and secure a good machine ready for harvest when you are. Please contact Mat Short on 0429477952 for further information.

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Chesterfield - Dubbo
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John Deere 9760 Combine with 936D Draper Front. 2007 Model. (Last of the 60 series) 4590 Eng Hrs. 2926 Sep Hrs. Deluxe cab. AutoTrac Ready. Contour Master with high torque variable speed feeder house. Extended wear separator and grain handling package. Wide spread fine cut straw chopper. High rate folding unloading auger. Service light package. Comes with 936D draper front with pickup reel. One owner machine. Selling as is. (Repairs required) Located in Dubbo. Please contact Mat Short on 0429477952 for further information

CALL 02 9199 7756
CALL 02 9199 7756
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